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Working the Web

We know that just looking at The Hairbrush Web can send you through a loop when it comes to putting it on your brushes. The Hairbrush Web was made to loop around the handle of your brush and the netting is to go over the bristles. Once the web is full of hair and ready to clean, you pull the tab at the top of the brush. Pulling this tab down will release the strands of hair from the bristles, allowing you to remove the hair from the brush. If you feel your web needs a bath, just lather it up with a mild hand soap and voila! A hair-free brush! If you are still confused about the web, check out the video for step-by-step visual instructions.

*Remove Hair Web from packaging.

*Slide handle of hair brush into elastic loop.

*Stretch netting over bristles.

*Pull tab at top to remove.

*Pull Hairbrush Web off.

*Rinse web and wash with mild soap. 

*Reapply Hairbrush Web and begin again!